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Six  Week  Group Accelerator Program

Get clarity and strategy. Launch your profitable business in just six weeks.

This is an intentional six-week deep dive group program to help you identify your next best step in business. We will gain clarity on your business vision, master your monetization game plan and discover your action plan in just six weeks. 


This program is best suited for female entrepreneurs who need help discovering the how in their business plan. This program is for women who are highly motivated,  self- starters who desire clarity, business coaching and an intentional community to hold you accountable.


This program is for you if...

  • You’re not clear on how to successfully map out your vision for your business. You’re not clear on how to build out your business in a sustainable way. The lack of clarity has resulted in you wasting time and not experiencing breakthroughs with your business goals & dreams.

  • You’ve been dreaming of what your business could be like if you had a clear plan of action, but  you feel like your vision is “too complicated” for others to understand. 


Unpack your business vision in just a matter of six weeks. We all want sales in our business, but not having a clear plan can result in low or inconsistent sales. Consistent sales in your business are attached to a clear plan of action so that your dream clients understand the value of your work. By following my Signature Planning Framework, I will teach you how to get crystal clear in your business plan so that you can see the growth you desire.


Because I’ve been where you are and you deserve to:

  • Feel 100% clear about your brand’s vision, plan of action and the clients you are called to serve

  • Promote your business confidently and feel super CLEAR on your brand's promise


You desire to create infinite impact on your clients and community and that’s more than possible with a clear strategy.




Week 1: Clarify your business ideas - during week one, we will get crystal clear on your ideas and I’ll provide you with the framework so that you can refine your brain dump. We all need that every once in a while. 


Week 2:  Goal-setting for your success - during this week, we will determine 3-4 goals you’d like to work on so that you’re working on goals that are aligned with your current season. 


Week 3: Create your S.M.A.R.T goals - during this week, we will map out your S.M.A.R.T goals. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the execution of your goals, it might be time to strategize a new plan to reach those goals. I’m here to walk you through each step in an easy and practical way!  


Week 4 & 5: Create the intentional strategy and tactics needed to obtain your goals - during this week, we will follow up from week three and follow through with the strategy so you can apply what you’ve learned so far in the program. 


Week 6: Determine your ideal client - during this week, we will work together to ensure you understand who your target audience is. Knowing who you are selling to is just as important as your overall business vision and marketing strategy.


Participants must know their “what” as this six-week group coaching program is designed to help you determine your “how.”


We will take a deep dive into your S.M.A.R.T goals and strategy needed to meet them, as well as support and an accountability cohort!  

Program Details:

  • Weekly virtual meetings each Saturday for six weeks

  • Email support during the six week program

  • Two 30-minute individual calls with Janice during six week program.

It’s time to stop undervaluing your gifts and talents and start walking in complete clarity. It’s time to stop guessing how to launch, grow and sustain your profitable business and gain clarity on your business vision so that you can live out your God-inspired dreams. 


Once you can gain clarity on how to launch your profitable business and impact the clients you’re called to, you’ll finally be able to reach your business goals that you’ve been desiring to. 


Do you desire to know what your business could truly look like? Are you ready to get 100% clear on your business vision?





I commit to show up every Saturday on time and give you my all! My purpose is to assist, empower and encourage other women to fulfill theirs. It’s never too late to pursue and fulfill your vision, dreams and purpose. I don’t take this lightly.


I need you to make the commitment as well. I need you to show up every Saturday on time. Be engaged, open, honest and ready to put in the work to make your vision a reality! 




Step 1: Apply and determine if you are a good fit for the Strategizing with Janice Accelerator Group Program. 


You are a good fit if:

  • You know what you want to do. Leave the how to me!

  • You are tired of talking about your vision/dream

  • You are ready to take the leap and make your vision/dream a reality

  • You are ready to make the six-week commitment and financial investment


Step 2: Once you fill out the program application and you’re accepted, you’ll be officially enrolled into the program. If registration is not open, you can join the waitlist during that time. Please keep in mind that I carefully select the ladies that will go into the program and unfortunately not everyone will be chosen. 


Step 3: Once you are accepted into the program, an email will be sent out to you to welcome and onboard you into the program. 


Step 4: Sit back, relax and enjoy the process of unraveling your blueprint to your unique business. Your success is just around the corner! 





  • Access to private Facebook community group

  • One exclusive 60-minute strategy call with Janice. (All coaching calls must fall within 60 days of end of program.)

Investment: $249

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