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Girl, It's Not Over

To My Girlfriends:

Are you at a place in life that you simply feel stuck? You think nothing will change? All you see is your age or the ups and downs and roller coaster ride life has been? Maybe you’ve accepted it’s just too late to see your vision and dreams become a reality.

I’m here to tell you that--Girl! It’s not over!

Trust me, I’ve been right where you are. I’ve been stuck and felt like I was too old and life had taken me on a ride of hurt, pain, ups and downs.

Life happens to all of us. Some things are harder and more life-changing than others. Some things are painful and almost destroy you. We can’t change anything that has happened but we can change what life can be moving forward. Our past does not have to dictate our future.

I’m not saying that from moving forward we won’t have challenges in life, because, again, life happens. What I am saying is you have control over how you deal with things. We’ve all heard the phrase before: “We all get knocked down, but it’s about how long you stay down.” As a women’s vision strategist and motivational speaker, I hear all the time that “It’s too late” and “I’m just stuck.”

My reply is always the same--“You woke up this morning, so it’s not too late. You may be stuck but you don’t have to stay stuck.”

So often we’ve been in a certain place for so long that we don’t recognize that your time in that place has ended.

Change doesn’t come overnight so it won’t be a snap of the finger. But nothing changes until something changes. The first thing that has to change is your mindset. Begin practicing the power of positivity. Once your mindset changes, you are on your way. When you recognize your value and worth you embrace that all things are possible!

Try this: “It’s not too late for me to…” You finish this sentence!

These tips will help you practice the power of positivity and embrace the fact that it’s never too late:

  1. Acknowledge who you are and the twist and turns life has taken--good, bad and ugly.

  2. Everyday find something positive to say about yourself and something you’re grateful for.

  3. Speak life and “wins,” not negative and defeat.

  4. Surround yourself with people that encourage you.

  5. Choose one thing to focus on. When you’ve achieved that one thing, then move on to the next.

  6. Embrace the journey. Take small steps and be sure to take it all in and enjoy the transformation.

  7. Journal! It gets thoughts out of your head. (It was life-changing for me!)

You can get unstuck, move forward in life and see your vision and dreams become reality. You can fulfill your God given purpose, because….

Girl, it’s not over!

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