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Is Your 2020 Vision in Focus?

We all have the same 24 hours in the day and unfortunately, we can’t add more regardless of how much we have on our “to do” list. It’s a straight 24 hours. If your time goes anything like mine, you probably wish you had less distractions in the day or more hours. Life’s distractions can definitely cause you to lose focus on your vision, goals and purpose.

Staying focused allows us to be productive but let’s face it, some days staying focused is extremely difficult. Distractions come in all forms and from all directions.

Of course, we have numerous distractions but let’s look at what I think are often major distractions:

  1. Self-sabotage

  2. Time

  3. Family

  4. Other obligations

  5. Too many ideas/thoughts

It’s said “vision gets you to the race but focus gets you across the finish line.”

You need focus, discipline and “grind” to move your vision along. I’m going to share five ways to help stay focused. They’re actually things I’ve done or do now to help me stay focused, just pick the ones that will work for you.

In no specific order, I make sure to:

  1. Pray and meditate.

  2. Journal. Writing down my thoughts, vision and dreams help me get things out of my head and on paper. I’m not distracted trying to remember things, because I’ve written them down. It also allows you to keep your vision in front of you. Creating a vision board might help.

  3. Create your plan and schedule your task. Put a day/time which allows you to know exactly what you are going to do and when you will actually do it. Example of a plan: Email clients between 9am – 12pm (Be specific!).

  4. Say NO. No is a complete sentence and needs no defense or explanation. (This is one I finally mastered and am so glad I did.)

  5. Have a daily routine. This absolutely helps me stay focused!

  6. See your vision. You won’t accomplish what you don’t “see.” You have to believe in your vision, “see” it before you “see” it.

Bonus: Make time for self-care. This is sometimes difficult, however, be intentional about taking care of yourself. The last thing you want to cause you to lose focus is worrying about your health and well-being.

As we’re approaching the beginning of the second quarter, I encourage you to stay focused on your vision and dreams. Vision and dreams can become reality when we are focused and disciplined.

Need help staying focused and creating your strategy for the second quarter? Schedule your complimentary discovery call. I’d love to talk to you!

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