Let's Talk Strategy

We’ve all heard it before--“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

That’s why here at Janice M. Haynes Consulting, strategic planning is vital, I intentional plan as failure due to lack of planning is not an option.

Strategy has many definitions, but generally involves setting strategic goals, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. A strategy describes how the ends (goals) will be achieved by the means (resources).

You might ask, why do I need a strategy? Is it worth taking the time to establish goals and create the tactics to obtain them?

Having a Strategic Plan allows your organization to:

  • Create your direction and priorities.

  • Get everyone on the same page, moving in the same direction.

  • Make concise decisions focusing on the goals at hand.

  • Create Goals, strategies and tactics.

Without clear goals, strategy and tactics in place, there is no focus on the direction you should be going in to achieve your goals. If you have a team, team members may be moving in different directions trying to achieve what they believe to be in the best interests of the organization. That’s just not productive.

Your Strategic Plan will be the tool that provides direction in meeting your mission and goals with maximum productivity. Having a Strategic Plan will also help allocate resources appropriately--that could be time, people or money.

Creating your strategic plan can prove to be overwhelming but if you break it down one step at a time, you’ll find it easier and more manageable.

Here’s my process:

  • Review where you are as well as current goals.

  • Identify what’s important.

  • Identify your strategies, tactics and implementation plan.

  • Determine who is accountable.

  • Review. Review. Review.

Your Strategic Plan will be your roadmap for growth. It’ll give you the ability to identify your strengths as well as weaknesses. Know your strengths and value, as well as your weaknesses. Identif