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My Year in Review

Whew, what a year! It has definitely been one for the books.

In January, we begin to hear rumblings about something called the coronavirus. Sixty days later, many states were under an executive order to quarantine in our homes. Protests, riots, empty shelves in grocery stores, adjusting to virtual learning for children and teachers, working from home and the most important presidential election of my lifetime. All in one year.

We went into 2020 with great expectations. The year that was supposed to be the year of 20/20 vision, increased focus and seeing things clearly. Our 20/20 vision turned into not knowing from one day to the next what was happening and simply trying to mentally and emotionally sustain.

Like many others, this year proved to be difficult at times for me to stay focused. However, early in the pandemic I made the decision I was going to work hard to stay focused and end 2020 greater than what it started!

Making the decision to work hard and be intentional on focusing on personal and business development and growth made all the difference in the world this year.

This year has been rough but a great year of discovering yet another dimension of who I am, my purpose and what God called me to do.

I had the opportunity to:

  • Launch virtual Strategizing with Janice workshops (If you’re interested, join the waitlist for the 1st quarter session.)

  • Launch Monetizing your Experience and Expertise workshop (If you’re interested, join the waitlist for the 1st quarter session.)

  • Launch Girl Chat (A virtual chat on various topics with panelist conversation (Join the conversation every 4th Friday on Facebook.)

  • Transition to 100% online business while still offering my clients the personal touch my brand is known for.

  • Speak at some amazing virtual women’s workshops! I love speaking/encouraging women to pursue their purpose, vision and dreams.

I also learned to:

  • Continue to embrace what’s ahead and go for it!

  • Do it afraid. It may not be 100% comfortable with what God is instructing you to do, but step out on faith and trust Him!

  • Don’t look back. You can’t wholeheartedly move forward if you’re still looking over your shoulder at what was. Learn from what was and move forward.

  • Continually remember God was never looking for my ability. He just wanted my availability.

This year I made the decision to “just do it,” to step out on faith. Move forward with what God had placed on my heart to do. I’ve been on the pursuit of fulfilling my purpose for several years. Knowing and embracing that my purpose is to help other women to pursue theirs, to dream again, to move from existing to living. Regardless of what hand life has dealt, there is life after disappointment, let downs, pain, abuse, etc. We have to put in the work and take the journey. This year, I definitely shifted into yet another realm of pursuit. God has given me gifts, talents and abilities--I refuse to sit on them.

I’ve been coaching and helping women with vision/strategic planning behind the scenes for years. But in 2019 I knew it was time for Janice M. Haynes to “show up.” In 2020 I did just that--unapologetically!

The year has been very different, crazy, scary yet such a great year in so many other areas

So, 2020 it’s been real.

Get ready for new programs, workshops and opportunities to work with me and empowering and informational Girl Chat sessions.

Get ready and let’s conquer 2021 together!

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