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Why Are You Here?

What’s your reason for being here? Not here reading this blog post today, but why are you here on this earth?

It’s the all-important question many ask themselves at some point in life—why am I here? If you haven’t asked yourself that question or think you don’t have a why, today you’re going to learn an effective way to determine your why.

Whether your why is to impact/change a person, community or the world…trust me you have a why— a purpose!

Have you been feeling restless or like something is missing? You feel unfulfilled although you may (as some might say) have it all. You know that some things you’ve encountered in life were to be able to help someone else. Do you often think about programs that should be in place to make life better for someone or offer someone a second chance?

Trust me, your “why” is in one of the questions/statements just mentioned.

Clarity of your why allows you to have clear, laser focus. It pushes you. Even when challenges and obstacles arise, you overcome them because you’re driven by your why. Knowing your why can change everything.

Asking yourself these four questions will assist you in identifying your why. I encourage you to write the answers down and reflect on them.

1. What do you continually think about? What problem or solution keeps you up at night?

What comes to mind when you see someone having a difficult time, a child that’s hurting, racial injustice, etc.—the problems that are always in front of you. These could be ones you’re not looking for, yet you always notice them and it bothers you.

2. What strengths do you have? What skills and abilities come natural to you?

Those skills and abilities that are so easy for you are a part of your why and what you should be using to fulfill your purpose.

3. What’s your greatest value-add?

When you show up and value automatically shows up. You make things better, easier or more convenient for someone. You bring your knowledge, education, experience and skills to the table. Your value helps to identify potential problems before they arise. These are all part of your why.

4. What does your life stand for?

You’ve heard the saying “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” What matters to you?

Reflecting on these questions can help you identify your why, or your purpose.

I’ve known my purpose for a long time yet I was fearful of embracing it. It continued to be in front of me. I’d go to bed and wake up thinking about it. Yet, once I acknowledged and accepted my why, I felt a relief. I honestly felt an excitement. The fact that God trusted me with this why also humbled me. Was I scared? Absolutely! But, the fear of not fulfilling my why scared me more.

My purpose is to help women fulfill their purpose. It’s to encourage and empower women to determine their why and to pursue vision and dreams. My purpose is to encourage women to live—not just exist—and to move forward and not remain in a place of feeling stuck.

Whether you believe in a God-ordained why/purpose or you just know there’s more you’re supposed to do in this thing called life. The goal is to determine your “why,” embrace it, perfect it and do it.

Be encouraged, you do have a why. Find it. Someone is waiting for you to show up!

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