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You’ll Never Reach the Destination...

You’ll never reach the destination because the purpose is not a destination; it’s a journey. The journey allows you to grow and learn; it teaches you to endure. But, your journey can also reveal your shortcomings and strengths. A journey that’s guaranteed to have twists and turns. The minute you think you’re clear, ready and have “arrived” at the destination, you see yet another level/dimension of your purpose.

I’m a firm believer that everyone has a purpose--a reason for being. It’s a matter of figuring it out and, in some cases, accepting it.

Often, the misconception is people think once they determine and/or accept their purpose, they’ve arrived at the destination. But unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’re continually evolving, as will, your purpose. So, when you are clear on your purpose, own it. Is it sometimes overwhelming or even scary? Absolutely. But again, you’re on a journey.

For me, the more I’ve given God a “yes,” the wider the lens of my purpose expands. Likewise, the more I pursue my purpose, the quicker the next “yes” comes. Why? Because my faith increases. It’s a faith walk. The more I surrender to God’s plan, the more I trust Him, the more I want to fulfill His purpose for my life.

Your purpose should push you to do something. It will allow you to see something that others may not see. You might know the solution when others don’t even know the problem. But your purpose won’t allow you to stop thinking about it. You may never feel complete if you are not fulfilling your purpose. Why? Because you were created on purpose with purpose!

Clarity of your why allows you to have clear, laser focus. It pushes you. Even when challenges and obstacles arise, you overcome them because you’re driven by your why. Knowing your why can change everything.

God had a purpose for us to fulfill on the earth, so He created us to do just that. Your presence on earth is proof that you are necessary.

How often have you talked yourself out of the vision that God gave you? How often have you given up because it wasn’t as easy as you thought it was going to be?

Birthing your vision and walking in your purpose is not going to be easy. It will get complicated, you’ll have “labor pains” and get tired, but you must stay focused, trust God and keep the faith.

Be encouraged. You do have a why. Take the time to seek God for your purpose, embrace it and walk boldly in it!

Take the journey! Someone is waiting for you to show up!

If you’re feeling stuck and uncertain, let’s chat. Schedule a complimentary discovery call!

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