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Right now, you’re struggling with how to successfully map out your vision for your business, identify the clients your business will serve and determine the experience journey your clients will take. You have big dreams and ideas, but you’re at a loss as to how to make them happen. You're stuck in a cycle of paralysis and indecision because you’re not clear on the next steps you should be taking. You’ve tried prioritizing steps needed, talking to family and friends. You’ve even written your vision down; however, you still can’t pull things together to determine your “how.” 

The lack of clarity has resulted in you wasting time, starting and stopping, months and possibly years go by and you find yourself in the same place of confusion, frustration, and feeling overwhelmed and defeated. You should be experiencing breakthroughs of clarity, direction, focus, and generating consistent revenue and confidence, but instead, you’re feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed and struggling.

You’re ready to finally launch your business, but your lack of clarity and strategy has you feeling stuck, completely disorganized and unsure of what your next steps should be. You feel defeated, and you’re wondering if you will ever see your dream become a reality.


After years of thinking about your vision, writing it down repeatedly and creating yearly vision boards, you know it’s time to bring your vision to life.

It’s time to stop guessing about how to launch your business. Instead, it’s time for you to gain clarity and create your roadmap to move from vision to reality. 


You know that you can get clarity on creating your vision and profitable business and impacting the clients you desire to serve.  You will finally be able to map out your sustainable business, determine your ideal client and create your consistent revenue streams.


It’s time to get 100% clear on your business vision and find out what your business could truly become with the right kind of support.

You deserve to:  

  • Be 100% clear on your overall business vision, with answers to your strategic action plan and the clients you desire to serve.

  • Feel clear and confident about your ideal client, so you know exactly who you’re marketing to.

  • Seamlessly execute a complete business strategy that attracts your dream clients through an irresistible client journey.

  • Create a legacy through your business that you can pass down through generations.

After years of serving women who know the “what” but unsure of the “how,” I’ve noticed there are four common mistakes most women make that keep them stuck, unable to move to action. 


Does this sound familiar?

  1. You have a business vision but need the clarity and strategy to simplify it into easily actionable steps,  providing a clear roadmap to get to your desired destination.

  2. You are unable to articulate your overall business vision effectively. 

  3. You’re inconsistent with your business, constantly starting and stopping because you don’t have a clear plan of action. 

  4. You don't know who your ideal client is or the experience journey you want to provide them when they work with you.

My first business was never intended to be a business. I started “helping” friends with their event management. I had no clarity of the overall business, my ideal client or even how I want the journey of working with me to flow.

I was very unorganized from a business vision and structure perspective. If someone were to ask me what I did, I couldn't articulate it. I had no idea the direction I wanted to take the business, clients I wanted to work with, or anything. 

I decided to launch an actual business which meant I had to put in the work. There’s a difference between a hobby, “yes, I’ll help you,” and a business. I decided that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.


I took the time and put in the work to determine and set up my business structure and get 100% clear on my business vision and goals, ideal client and the experience I wanted to offer them.


Time to dig into the details.


This intentional business vision mapping service will help you identify the “how” and your next best step in business. We will clarify your overall business vision, create your ideal client persona, client experience journey and create your step-by-step action plan in just six hours.​

  • Clarify your business vision - You will get crystal clear on your Core Business Basics: what you’re offering, who you’re serving & the overall vision for your business.  

  • Determine your ideal client. - This includes Demographics, Psychographics (identifies the beliefs and emotions of an audience), and Key lifestyle Characteristics.

  • Create your S.M.A.R.T goals. - We will walk through each step easily and practically, making sure your goals align with your overall vision.

  • Define your "how. - Create your intentional strategy - step by step actions needed to meet your goals.

  • Map out your client experience journey. - What steps will occur as the client works with you (before, during, and after).


  • Zoom session recording

  • VIP Day brain dump and mapping session notes

  • Client Experience Journey Map

  • Ideal Client Persona

  • 1 60-minute check-in call (to be used within 15 days after VIP Day)


Investment Options

Payments for the full investment can be made as two options--in full $2,000

or as two installments of $1,250. 


Haith Johnson, Le'Host LLC

"As a businesswoman, after getting one of the biggest deals of my career with the largest retail stores in the world, connecting with Janice Haynes as a strategy coach was an excellent investment and a fantastic decision! I looked forward to our sessions with anticipation of what I could discover about my capacity and willingness to be challenged to see more growth in my company. As I worked with Janice, she helped me map out my business vision, organize and prioritize my day to be more focused, effective, impactful and intentional. This clarity allowed me to maximize the day and see more things accomplished.  I appreciate her willingness to go beyond as a coach. I can honestly say Janice is a terrific coach that serves her client because she not only cares, but she wants to see you win!"

Karla Wells, Myriad Unlimited LLC

This business vision was a big one, and honestly, I had absolutely no idea how to make it a reality. Although I had the faith to see the concept, I didn’t know what was needed to make it real and tangible. Before leaving Michigan, I attended one of your strategy sessions. Your wisdom and expertise were exactly what I needed to make this vision a reality. You helped me get crystal clear on this big vision. Your vision mapping process took me through each phase, determining action steps along the way. What seemed overwhelming became simplified and doable. I no longer felt overwhelmed and confused. I was equipped and ready to move forward. Working with you allowed my vision to become a reality. That big vision was to launch my first “Virtual Boutique,” which allowed me to help 12 female entrepreneurs showcase their business! Your expertise in clarity and strategy, watching you map out my vision, took me from “how am I going to do this?” to “I know exactly how to do it.” Finally, I had an action plan, which I will be using for my future events!

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I am a business strategist who helps women of faith create their ideal client persona and map out their business vision and client journey experience. With 10+ years of vision mapping, strategy, and administrative expertise, simplifying grand business visions into easily actionable steps is my thing. I believe through clarity, strategy and hard work, all things are possible. The vision is big, but it was never meant to overwhelm you. Currently, I service my clients through 1:1 VIP Days.



  • You're motivated to make your vision a reality.

  • You're not clear on how to successfully map out the vision for your business.

  • You're not clear on how to build out your business in a sustainable way.

  • The lack of clarity has resulted in you wasting time and not experiencing breakthroughs with your business goals and dreams.

  • You've been dreaming of what your business could be like if you had a clear plan of action.

  • You know what you want to do. Leave the how to me!

  • You are tire of talking about your vision/dream.

  • You run a product-based business.

  • You have overall business vision or goals you'd like to accomplish in the next six months. 

  • You are not ready and motivated to make your vision a reality. 

  • You are not ready to build out your business.

  • You don't work well with processes or step-by-step action plans.

  • You aren't ready to put in the work needed.

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Ready to move from stuck to start? From vision to reality?

Let’s work together to map out your business vision and client experience journey.

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