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Six  Week  Group Accelerator Program

Get clarity and strategy. Launch your profitable business in just six weeks.

You are applying for the Six Week Group Accelerator Program, an intentional six-week group program to help you identify your next best step in business. We will gain clarity on your business vision, master your monetization game plan and discover your action plan in just six weeks. 

If you are a good fit and accepted into the program, you will receive a confirmation email with details about the program information session.


We will also answer any additional questions you may have and provide the start date of the next session!


Please be as detailed as possible so I can have an accurate picture of where you currently are and where you desire to go.

Six Week Accelerator Group Program Application

If accepted into the Six Week Accelerator Group Program, can you commit to showing up at each weekly session over the six-week program? (Group sessions will take place on Saturday mornings from 8:00AM – 9:30AM.)
If accepted into the Six Week Accelerator Program, are you prepared to make the $249 financial investment?
Would you like to start with a coaching call instead?

Thanks for submitting your application for the Six Week Group Accelerator Program!

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