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Finding Your Purpose

Why are you here? Not on this website, but why are you here on this earth? We all have a purpose, a “why,” a "what am I really suppose to be doing with my life?" question to answer. Whether you believe in a God-ordained purpose or you just know there’s more you’re supposed to be doing, the goal is to determine your “why,” embrace it, perfect it and do it. Find your “why” and your purpose. People are waiting for you to show up!


Girl! It's Not Over

Are you at a place in life that you simply feel stuck? Or that nothing will change? All you see is your age or the ups and downs, rollercoaster ride life has been? Maybe you’ve accepted it’s just too late to see your vision and dreams become a reality.  I’m here to tell you that: Girl! It’s not over! 

Session attendees always leave empowered and encouraged to go after their vision and dreams.


Know Your Worth

Have you ever noticed that luxury cars don’t go on sale? There’s never a “price drop.” Why? Because those high-value cars hold the worth they are given. This can be a hard session for some to attend, but it definitely gets to the core of who you are. Many decisions we make are based on what we think of ourselves. When we don’t know our value, not only do we undervalue ourselves, others do as well. When your value is in question you settle for so much less because you simply don’t realize our worth. Every decision you make is made from a place of where your self- value currently is. You are beautifully and wonderfully made, regardless of who or what may have made you think different!  When you leave this session, you will be on a clear path to Know Your Worth!

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