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Strategy Intensive (Group Session)

One thing I hear from clients is, "I know the goals I want to achieve; I just don't know what to do to achieve them." Are you saying this regarding your goals? If so, the Strategy Intensive is

the perfect session for you!

I'm the Business Strategist that not only assists you in identifying what you want to accomplish, but I take the next step by helping you answer an essential question in goal setting "how will I accomplish this goal?" This answer becomes your step-by-step action plan, your checklist to achieve your goals!

This small group session is all about strategy and planning and is for you if:

  • You need help in determining your S.M.A.R.T. goals for the upcoming quarter.

  • You need help identifying the strategy and tactics required to achieve your goals.

  • You need help with creating a timeline to hold yourself accountable.


And, let me be honest, clients often create goals that are not achievable, at least not at the current time. So, that's why we make sure your goals are SMART. This session sets you up for success.

My clients go from being stuck and overwhelmed to being 100% clear on not only what their goals are but precisely what must happen for them to be achieved!

Investment: $150

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