Satisfied clients say...

"As a businesswoman, after getting one of the biggest deals of my career with the largest retail stores in the world, connecting with Janice Haynes as a strategy coach was an excellent investment and fantastic decision! I looked forward to our sessions with anticipation of what I could discover about my own capacity and willingness to be challenged to see more growth in my company. As I worked with Janice, she helped me to organize my day to be more focused, effective, impactful and intentional. This clarity allowed me to maximize the day and see more things accomplished. I really appreciate her willingness to go beyond as a coach. I can honestly say Janice is a terrific coach that serves her client, because she not only cares...but she wants to see you WIN!"

 -Haith L. Johnson, Le’Host, LLC


"This was the first time I have attended a session of this magnitude and I wondered how effective it would be. It was extremely effective and insightful. I will definitely be attending other sessions in future. God has blessed and anointed Ms. Haynes with a passion and a wealth of information to help women like myself reach goals we thought were too late in life to accomplish. Thank you, my sister, for sharing what God has blessed you with." 

-Dina Dorsey, Licensed REALTOR®/Empire Network Realtor


"I attended the Strategizing with Janice session and was absolutely blown away! I went in without truly knowing what Janice could do to help me. Nevertheless, Janice was able to give me direction and helped me to bring order to the chaos of so many dreams deferred. I would highly suggest that you attend a strategizing session with this brilliantly, anointed woman. Thank you ,Janice. I not only feel empowered but encouraged, equipped and ready to take this huge leap of faith!"

- Karla Wells, Myriad Unlimited


"I had the privilege of attending Strategizing with Janice. Janice provided us with her wisdom on the process of moving in the right direction and properly planning with discipline. This is a must-attend workshop for that business-minded, focused woman that is ready to take that leap but needs some with clarity and  guidance.​ Thank you, Janice!"

​- LaQuinta Edwards, Headstart Medical Billing & Coding Academy, LLC


"The strategic planning session was the most helpful service I have participated in thus far as a business owner. It gave me the opportunity to collect all my thoughts and participate in strategic, guided conversation. I recommend every person who is a business owner or considering becoming one to take part in a strategic planning session with Janice."

​- Brittany Washington, Faith Learning Institute

“One session with Janice assisted me strategically to get focused on my business. My position as a Director at a non -profit was eliminated. I knew this was my opportunity to do my coaching/consultant business full-time. I wrote out the plan, but I needed confirmation that I was putting the right strategy together. Janice's strategic planning session gave me the direction and confirmation I needed. You can't just do one group session, but you have to do another. I may be a coach, but you as a coach, need a coach--Janice.”

- Mary C Hartfield, Certified Life Purpose and Entrepreneur & Business Life Coach



I recently completed a 2020 year-end coaching session with Janice and it was just the boost I needed going into the 2021 year!

Janice was very attentive and thought provoking as we discussed this year's struggle dealing with issues such as job loss, losing loved ones and the frustration of just feeling stuck, all due to the pandemic. The tools and pointers she provided me were such a benefit moving into 2021. She brought such a spiritual and natural balance to my session, always reassuring me that I already have what I need to become "unstuck.”  I just needed a small reminder! I highly recommend Janice M. Haynes Coaching Sessions for anyone who needs more clarity and vision into what you know you are created to do or be. This was such an impactful investment I made for myself and you will be glad you did as well!”

- April Green,  An April Affair Event Planning and Consulting

“I experienced a coaching call with Janice for my author coaching business. Janice was able to guide and direct me in a way that I was able to define realistic attainable goals for my business. She also went over the realistic timeframe. I was able to discover the channels in which to access my ideal clients. Janice was able to assist me in developing a monetization strategy and break that strategy into short-term goals which gave me artillery to develop a definitive, specific, intentional strategy of implementation.”

- Sparkle Smith, Speaker, Author, Book Coach , Josiah Educational Consulting