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$750 - Full Payment or
2 Installments of $375

Gain clarity of your niche & create your signature offer with a step-by-step action plan.

Right now, you're struggling with how to:

  • Clarify your business vision and niche.

  • Identify the clients your business will serve.

  • Create your signature offer.

  • Determine the experience journey your clients will take.

You have big dreams and ideas but are at a loss as to how to make them happen.


You're stuck in a cycle of paralysis and indecision because you're unclear on your next steps. You've even written your vision down; however, you can't pull things together to determine your "how." 

The lack of clarity has resulted in wasting time, starting, and stopping; months and possibly years go by, and you find yourself in the same place of confusion, frustration, and feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

It's time to stop guessing about how to launch your business. Instead, it's time to gain clarity and create your roadmap to move from vision to reality. 

You deserve to:  

  • Be 100% clear on your overall business vision, with answers to your strategic action plan and the clients you desire to serve.

  • Feel clear and confident about your ideal client, so you know exactly who you're marketing to.

  • Create the signature offer that will provide the solution to the problem(s) your clients are experiencing.

  • Seamlessly execute a complete business strategy that attracts your dream clients through an irresistible client journey. 

​ I continued to see women who:

  •  Are high-achieving professional women with success yet wanted a change.

  • Desired to launch and cultivate a successful, profitable business but didn't know where to begin.

  • They wanted to maximize their knowledge, experience, or expertise, but they weren't sure if it would be of value to the market.

  • Are stuck in a cycle of paralysis and indecision.


What they needed was:

  • A clear direction on articulating their value.

  • Clarity of the business and, more importantly, their niche.

  • A clear, straightforward, practical plan to map their business for success.

  • Accountability, so they no longer start and stop but lead and move strategically with clarity and confidence. 

You’re fed up with sitting on your vision. You want to get  100% clear on your business vision and determine the next steps.

It takes people months to map out their business vision but years to execute it because they don't feel confident about it and are unsure where to start.


That's precisely why I created my 1:1 V.I.P. Business Mapping Session to help you map out your vision, clarity your niche, create your signature offer and identify your ideal client!



Time to dig into the details.

Phase 1

Clarify your business vision and niche.


You will get crystal clear on your Core Business Basics: what you're offering, your "it" thing, who you're serving, and the overall vision for your business.

Phase 2

Determine your ideal client and create your client persona.

The clarity of your ideal client allows you to understand their pain points and struggles and the solution your service will offer. The precise answer your client is looking for.

Phase 3

Create your S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goals.


We will walk through each step easily and practically, ensuring your goals align with your overall vision.


Phase 4

Define your "how."

Map out your signature offer and your step-by-step 90-day strategic action plan.


  • Zoom session recording.

  • V.I.P. Day brain dump and mapping session notes

  • Client Experience Journey Map

  • Ideal Client Persona

Paid in Full Bonus:

  • Let's check-in! You will receive one 90-minute check-in call with me!

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