Speaking Engagements

A powerful speaker and workshop facilitator, Janice captivates, motivates and energizes participants and attendees. Her transparency, relatable and warm personality allows her to facilitate a conversation, rather than a presentation, connecting with her audience. Her sessions get to the heart of the matter leaving participants encouraged to live and empowered with strategies and tactics to determine their goals, create strategies and tactics to move visions, thoughts and dreams to reality. 

Janice has several feature session topics--Finding Your Purpose, Existing to Living and Know Your Worth--while also tailoring additional topics to each audience.

To book Janice for speaking engagements and keynote sessions, please email her directly. Be sure to include pertinent information (i.e: location, date, time, contact information, purpose/vision for event, etc.) pertaining to the event. Please allow up to 2 business days to receive a response email.

Strategic Planning

Having a difficult time implementing your vision or organizing your thoughts and ideas? Not sure just where to start? Does moving forward seem like an overwhelming process?

In a two hour one-on-one session, Janice will walk you through strategic planning and assist you in identifying your goals and developing a strategy to obtain them. Through strategic planning, Janice helps start-up-to-small businesses reach their goals through effective planning. Her administrative, organizational and planning skills will catapult your vision from thoughts to action.


This session will allow you to take your thoughts and put them on paper, prioritize them, identify your low-hanging fruit, determine your goal and finally, identify your target market and develop the strategy and tactics needed to achieve the goal.


After you’ve completed this strategic session, you simply work the strategy to attain your goals while turning your lowest hanging fruit into revenue.

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