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Hi. I'm Janice and this is my story...

How it started…

It started when I received an email stating I would provide marketing, promotion, and event planning services for an event hosted by my church. After that event, I started getting requests for additional marketing and promotion business. I never intended to be an entrepreneur. I had to decide if this was a hobby or a business.  I launched my first business at age 46!

Fast forward…

After 14 years of this business, I began to feel this nudge in my spirit that there was more I should be doing. So, I began to pray and seek God; I knew there was something more. Now, little did I know that "the more" would cause me to close my current business and take me entirely out of my comfort zone. Plus, I loved my current business; it was my baby!

The problem…

I continued to see women who:


·    Where high-achieving professional women with success yet wanted a change.

·    Desired to launch and cultivate a successful, profitable business but didn't know where to begin.

·    Wanted to maximize their knowledge, experience, or expertise, but they weren't sure if it would be of value to the market.

·    Stuck in a cycle of paralysis and indecision.


What they needed was:


·    A clear direction on articulating their value.

·    Clarity of the business and, more importantly, their niche.

·    A clear and straightforward effective plan to map out their business for 

·    success

·    Accountability, so they no longer start and stop but lead and move strategically with clarity and confidence. 

How it's going…

I embraced my gift of administration, strategic planning, and a desire to follow what God had placed in my spirit. As a result, I launched Janice M. Haynes Consulting. As a Clarity Strategist and Coach, I assist women of faith in gaining clarity in their business vision and niche, take their knowledge, experience, and expertise, and monetize it by creating a signature offer!


"Simplifying grand business visions into easily actionable steps is my thing."


Although this decision was a massive leap of faith that took me entirely out of my comfort zone, it has been among the most rewarding!

The vision is big, but it was never meant to overwhelm you.


I'm here to help. Let's connect.

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