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Monetizing Your Knowledge, Experience and Expertise

Discover how to turn your knowledge and expertise into an additional income stream!

There are many ways to generate an additional income stream with what you have right now.

This 3-hour masterclass will teach you how to..

  • Define the advice, experience, or expertise you want to monetize.

  • Identify the problem you will solve.

  • Clarity of the service you will offer.

  • Determine your target audience.


Seating is limited so reserve your spot now!


There are many ways to generate an additional income stream with what you have right now! Think about the gifts and talents or the knowledge you share every day. 



Let's look at a few skills/areas of expertise you may have, things you enjoy doing and often do with little effort. If you answer yes to one of these questions, you can monetize on it!

1.  Do you find yourself constantly being asked for advice on a specific topic?

2.  Are you a strong writer?

3.  Do you have strong computer and IT skills?

4.  Are you strong in reading, math, science, etc.? 

5.  Do you have strong administrative skills?

6.  Do you like photography, graphic design, interior designing, or fashion?

Investment $27

Meet Your Host

Janice M. Haynes is a Clarity Strategist who prides herself on helping her clients turn their business idea into reality by gaining clarity of the overall vision and mapping it into a step-by-step action plan.


Janice believes we all have areas of experience and expertise. 


According to her, everyone has an area they can monetize if they'd like, but many think they must be at the forefront of their field to monetize their knowledge. Expertise can also be your life experience.


She believes that anything is possible through strategic planning, organization, and targeted efforts.


She currently collaborates with clients through 1:1 Strategy sessions and 1:1 VIP Days to offer strategic guidance.

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