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Do You Have Clarity?

I have a few questions for you….

  1. Are you crystal clear on your business, non- profit or purpose vision?

  2. Can you or have you successfully mapped out the vision?

  3. Do you have the clarity needed to build out your business in a sustainable way?

  4. How much time have you wasted because you lack clarity on how to implement your vision?

I know—so many tough questions. I’m not trying to overwhelm you but I wanted to get right to the point since clarity on your vision is vital for success!

Why? Because clarity allows you to really see your vision. To understand it and know exactly the direction you want to go. Clarity also allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses—those areas you may need to hire someone to fulfill. To create and implement your vision, you must be clear on your big picture.

Here’s a quick test to determine if you are 100% clear on your vision:

  • Are you able to see your vision?

  • Do you know who your ideal client is?

  • Can you tell your vision to others so they can see it and understand it as well?

  • Is your vision written down?

Allow me to be transparent. I spent years spinning my wheels on what my actual vision was, and equally important, who I was going to service in my business. I wasn’t clear on the vision or my ideal client. However, once I took the time to get 100% clear on the vision and my audience there was no stopping me!

When you don’t have clarity, you spend many hours, months, and often, years trying to perfect your vision. Because you lack clarity the vision doesn’t make sense, you can’t see it. You continually find yourself (or at least I did) going back and forth, consistently at the drawing board, making a tweak here or there and recreating strategies for branding, marketing and pricing, etc. You change so many things the vision doesn’t even look like your original vision which oftentimes confuses you even more.

The confusion and lack of clarity results in continually starting over and seeing little-to-no success.

Let’s look at a few things to help you gain clarity on your business vision. I encourage you to write down your answers. Take your time in this process and spend time really zeroing in on what you want and need.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What do I really want to do?

  2. How will I do it?

  3. Who is my ideal client?

  4. What problem do I see and what solution will I offer for it?

Once you are clear, trust your vision, your process and yourself! Be intentional about making your vision a reality. Whether you are launching a new business or implementing strategies to sustain or grow, be intentional and make bringing your vision to life a priority.

If you’re not clear on your business vision, let’s connect. I’d be honored to help you gain the clarity needed to move from feeling stuck to taking action. Schedule a discovery call with me to get started.

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