From Existing to Living

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

I recently celebrated my 60th birthday a couple of months ago and caused me to do some reflection on how I’ve grown.

It’s been on my heart to share something, with the hope that a little insight into my life will encourage you to move from existing to living.

So often, we just exist on this earth and not really live our lives to the fullest. We go through each day with our normal routine, doing the things we must do but not really living life.

Everything begins with a thought. You’ll never experience what your mind has not perceived. In Proverbs 23:7 it says “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is it.” Your thoughts truly form your world.

What’s the difference between existing and living?

Existing is when we simply do what we need to do to sustain life. You ensure you have a home, food, clothing, etc. It could even mean you are financially planning for your retirement.

Living means you truly enjoy life and aren’t just thankful that you woke up today, you actually enjoy your life.

I’m in that place now. I love my life!

It’s said that when we truly live our lives, we have clear, meaningful goals and a purpose, along with working toward fulfilling that purpose.

When we go through life just existing often times, we have no passion and no interest in what we’re doing. We just go through the motions. We get so used to our current state that we have no idea that we’re just existing.

I believe there comes a season that we should live! Don’t get stuck waiting on your season that you miss it.

If I can be transparent, let me share how I went from existing to living.