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Get Ready to Monetize your Knowledge, Experience or Expertise!

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

There are many ways to generate an additional stream of income with what you have right now. Yes, you can monetize your knowledge, experience or expertise! Everyone has knowledge, experience, or an area of expertise they can use if they’d like, but many believe they must be in the forefront of their field to monetize it.

There are many ways to generate an additional stream of income with what you have right now!

Think about the gifts and talents you have or the knowledge you share every day. How often do you find yourself giving advice on the same topics or sharing your knowledge of “how to” in different areas?

You can take what you have right now and generate an additional stream of income. You can make this happen as a service provider, strategist, coach, or consultant.

Service provider: The service provider is just that—someone who provides a service to another. This might be an accountant, graphic designer, stylist, advisor, tutor, personal shopper, travel agent etc.

Strategist – Serving as a strategist involves setting goals and helping clients determine the actions needed to reach those goals. This is ideal for someone who is skilled in planning, organization, and execution. Strategists walk their clients through breaking things down and figuring them out. They develop a strategy or a plan of action. For example, with my Strategizing with Janice sessions, I help clients gain clarity on their business vision, identify goals, and then create the strategy needed to achieve them.

Consultant - Consultants offer advice and expertise to their clients and help them improve business performance, processes, operations, etc. Consultants offer to do the actual work for the client. A consultant does not create strategy but will help create brand messaging, website content or possibly manage social media. A consultant would probably be a problem solver or critical thinker and someone who has great attention to detail. The consultant would also need great oral and written communication skills.

Coaching - A business coach assists clients in better executing their goals and reaching results. The coach will help with clarifying the client’s business vision. A coach can help take the client from where they are to where they want to be. Business owners often hire a coach to help with accountability and shifting their mindsets. A coach also helps the client with self-discovery. Providing coaching services might include challenging clients to push them out of their comfort zone. For example, I offer one-on-one calls where I provide coaching for clients to assist with gaining clarity on their business vision. I also help them to transform their thought process while learning to see the overall picture.

It’s time to stop undervaluing your gifts and talents. Someone is waiting for you to show up to make their life easier. Your knowledge, experience or expertise is the solution to someone’s problem! I took my gifts of administration and strategic planning and launched Janice M. Haynes LLC. I'm able to help women clarify and strategize their business vision. I help women who feel overwhelmed simplify their vision into smaller, actionable steps. I took my knowledge and solved a problem, and you can do it too!

If you are ready to gain clarity on the knowledge, experience, or expertise you want to monetize, now is the perfect time! The Monetizing Your Knowledge, Experience and Expertise session on April 3, 2021 helps you plan how to generate revenue from your unique skill set! If you’re unsure if this session is for you, book a free discovery call. Let’s chat!

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