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My Year in Review

We’re rapidly approaching the end of 2019--time has really flown by. January 2020 is right around the corner!

Of course, for a business a year can be full of ups and downs. I always celebrate my accomplishments and look for my opportunities for growth.

I can honestly say this year has been one of the greatest years for me in the area of personal growth.

As many of you may know, I launched by first business a little over 12 years ago. Your Signature Connection (YSC) has been one of my greatest accomplishments, it’s been my “baby” for 12 years. Over the last few years, in addition, to YSC I’ve also assisted start-ups and small businesses in reaching their goals through strategic planning, administrative services and brain dump sessions. I’ve been able to assist numerous entrepreneurs in catapulting their vision from thoughts to action. Anyone that really knows me knows I’m a planner at heart, I’ve always been very organized and have the gift of administration.

Although I’ve assisted individuals and entrepreneurs with creating strategies for various endeavors, Signature has always been my “baby,” my main focus. I never thought about actually starting a consulting business that focused on strategic planning and empowerment. If you know the history behind YSC, you know I wasn’t planning on starting that business either, but that’s another story.

But, back to my year in review.

Earlier this year the thought of actually forming Janice M. Haynes Consulting to offer strategic planning, consulting and a formal way of being booked for speaking engagements continued to weigh on me. I met with my pastor and shared what I believe the direction God was taking me in. I shared with my pastor that God was shifting me. As scared as I was, it was a very comforting conversation. My pastor prayed for me, encouraged me to move forward, to walk out the vision God had now given me and sent me on my way.

After 12 years of one business I found myself moving toward closing YSC and moving what I’ve done for five years or more from a “yes, I’ll help you” mode to registering my business name, creating a website and doing all the things needed to be done to legally establish a business. YSC was closing and Janice M. Haynes Consulting was launching.

Now I, Janice M. Haynes, was creating a website and business cards that read motivational speaker, vision strategist and consultant. Motivational speaker? To know me is to know I’ve always been behind the scenes. I never liked being front-and-center but I knew without question what God was calling me to do. I was excited when I heard God say “motivational speaker.” I wasn’t scared because I truly trust God. I knew exactly why the strategic planning, the push for women to pursue purpose and why I’d now do motivational speaking.

When I review 2019 all I can say is wow! The business I had for 12 years closed (well officially closing December 31st), I took what I’ve been doing for entrepreneurs for years and started a business. I’ve hosted three strategic planning group sessions, spoken to various women’s groups and as a guest speaker for other visionary strategist events and found myself flying to Florida to be a panel speaker at a women’s empowerment conference!

I can say 2019 was literally life-changing and has pushed me way out of my comfort zone.

Here are 5 things I learned:

  • Closing one business and starting another doesn’t mean the business failed. It’s ok to move in another direction.

  • Your knowledge and experiences can help someone else.

  • Don’t look back. You can’t wholeheartedly move forward if you’re still looking over your shoulder at what was.

  • Embrace what’s ahead and go for it!

  • God has given me gifts, talents and abilities--I refuse to sit on them. It’s time for Janice M. Haynes to show up!

But for 2020, I’m so looking forward to all next year holds for me!

To my YSC clients…thank you for 12 wonderful years! To my Janice M. Haynes clients, thank you for allowing me to strategize and motivate you, I look forward to continuing to service you. To my future JMH speaking engagements I look forward to motivating, empowering and encouraging all those that will attend. To those that I will meet next year as I travel strategizing, encouraging and motivating I look forward to meeting all of you! To strategic planning clients, I look forward to strategizing with you!

2019, it’s been real. 2020, let’s go!

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